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    I guess no membership launch goes off without its issues, but I couldn’t help but feel like the tech gremlins were hard at work trying to derail myself and Jen this week on our founding member launch of… 

    I’m sharing this with you today because even the most seasoned marketing and tech experts can fail miserably at times, so if you’ve got that idea or marketing campaign just sitting in your head waiting to get out into the world, just do it! If we can screw up and still come out the other side with some wins, then you can too πŸ₯°

    Here’s the real story of our Founding Member Launch (and by the way, tomorrow is the last day to get in as a founding member for $29/month or $297 for the year. The price is going up to $49/month when we open the doors again in the fall). If you’re feeling stuck with your social media and need some hand holding to create your plans, this is your sign from the universe to join us!

    Ok… so on to the story…

    Thursday (I think it was thursday?) last week I sent a text message to Jennifer at Mountain Top Consulting about her idea for a planning membership. To me it was a no-brainer, she’s literally a content planning genius and I couldn’t figure out why she hadn’t launched a membership to help people do this monthly.

    I had had some success launching Confident with Contentℒ️ the Community (my content membership for mortgage brokers) and (my virtual drop-in morning coffee shop for moms in business) so I told her about the founding member launch strategy (fml for short 😜) and how it worked.

    Basically the founding member launch is this:

    You have an idea, nothing physically created or built yet, but you tell people about it and gauge their interest. You say something like “Hey ___, I have this cool idea to do _____. It’s not created yet, but I am working hard on it and I’m offering special pricing to founding members right now. Your price stays the same as long as you’re a member even when we raise it in our official launch. Are you in?”

    If you get even a few people who are ‘in’, that’s your sign! Go create the thing!

    Now in the true founding member launch strategy you actually just send a paypal link and ask people to start paying you, but we’re a little more fancy and sophisticated (or so we thought) than this, so we created a product inside of convertkit (that’s the system you’re getting this email from), set our CANADIAN price, send out our emails and posts and away we went.

    A few hours in, ding ding ding πŸ›Ž, we had customers!

    Our goal was 10 founding members and as of this morning I think we’re at 9 with doors closing tomorrow, but here’s where it goes sideways…

    Our very first member sends us an email to say “hey this is weird, your landing page says $297 for the year, and my receipt says this too, but my bank charged me $385”

    WHAT?! 🀬

    Immediately I knew the system had charged them in USD instead of CAD EVEN THOUGH we have set the product up properly.

    So now what?

    Back and forth we go, myself and Jen trying to figure out our next move. Do we send them the difference ourselves? What happens when it rebills, does it charge in the wrong currency again? Do we refund from our email program? Do we ask them to sign up again and risk them being annoyed and never trusting us again?

    The choices aren’t fantastic, but it’s clear we have to issue the refund and ask them to sign up on a new link at where we’ve set up the products using stripe and confirmed the charges in CANADIAN dollars.

    Oh but friends, it gets better still…

    The refunds were issued and because of good ole exchange rate fluctuations, those members have received LESS on their refund than what they paid. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

    We’re literally in tech H-E-πŸ’πŸ’ but working through it. And our members are resigning up on our new link because they know the membership itself is going to be amazing (once we banish the tech gremlins).

    So ya… the launch was a mix of celebrations (ya, people want this thing!) and failures (thanks tech 🧌) but we’re pushing ahead, and I can’t wait to welcome our new members into the community.

    If I haven’t scared you away with the tech nightmare and you’re ready to get clear on your social media plan and take advantage of our founding member price, you can join at or click the button below. And I promise, it will charge you properly in CAD, I tested myself πŸ˜‚

    Join Plan That Social Club as a founding member for $29/month or $297/year today!

    Until next week – Cheers!