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I’ve never been afraid of my competition. In fact, I’ve been asked by numerous ‘other marketers’ to “identify my competition so that I can target my content/services better”… but the truth is, I don’t know who many of my competitors are, I’ve never taken the time to research them, and I don’t care.

I would rather spend my time ‘in my lane’ making things as awesome as possible for my own clients (and email subscribers) then water down my focus by trying to copy what someone else is doing or obsess over how/why they do things a certain way.


Here’s the plot twist…

The people you attract naturally end up being other people just like you, and in my case, that means other female entrepreneurs growing their businesses, many of them with kids in tow just like me. AND many of those are also in the digital marketing space, which technically means they are competition… or are they?

At the start of 2022, I chose a word of the year during a goal planning session with my business idol Carrie Green of Female Entrepreneur Association

That word is ‘COLLABORATION’.

Until the year began to unfold, I wasn’t even sure why I chose that word, or what I would do with it, but I think I was feeling a little lonely in business and thought it would bring friendships and fun… and boy has it ever!

A few months ago, one of my biz besties (synonym. โ€˜competitionโ€™ LOL) Jennifer Kolbuc and I launched a membership for small business owners and entrepreneurs who need help with planning their social media each month.

I had been searching for a way to have something to offer businesses who weren’t yet ready to invest in our 1:1 done for you social media packages, and Jen was looking for something to offer her peeps that weren’t a fit for her coaching packages or that had completed a coaching package and needed extra support. We came together to solve the need for both businesses and we believe this membership will be the way of the future for both of our marketing businesses.

We’re now a few months in and having SO MUCH FUN with the workshops and planning parties we run, and two heads really are better than one in this case.

Is that the end of the collab story?

So… the crazy gemini that I am, I thought… “What’s next?” “What’s better than one collaborative membership?!”

I knew instantly…

“Two Collab Memberships!” LOL

If you’ve been hanging around this list for a little while you might have heard about Mom Biz Cafe (you can follow here on IG if you want to play along haha). It’s a virtual cafe (on zoom) each morning for other moms in business and female entrepreneurs who want to spend some time in the morning with other people and share coffee and stories together BEFORE their kids get up and the craziness begins. Intentional ‘me time’ was the idea.

But almost 6 months in, I only had a few members.

I learned with the 1st collab membership that it was 100x easier to launch it and begin to grow it when working on it with another human and not alone, so I just went for it and asked Alysha (enter biz bestie #2 to the story) if she would want to combine her ‘Biz Besties’ membership with Mom Biz Cafe.


She said yes!

So I have no idea where this journey is going to take us, but I want to inspire you today to think outside the box about collaborations. Something really exciting could be just on the other side of that door called ‘competition’.

Until next time,

P.S.: the doors to the Plan that Social Club and Mom Biz Cafe are currently closed. Sign up to the VIP waitlists to be the first to know when doors are open for new members and to get exclusive access to flash sales!