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Ever heard of the game, ‘Two truths one lie?’…

It’s a pretty simple concept, you have three statements about yourself or a topic, and your opponents playing with you have to guess which one is the lie.ย 

Today I thought it would be fun to bring you the Social Media Marketing edition of this classic game.

  1. Creating social media content can be easy or hard, it’s what you make it
  2. Social media is an opportunity for business growth, not a burden
  3. You have to be a trained graphic designer to have beautiful social media images

Any guesses which one is the lie?

If you guessed number 3, you were right!

Let’s break this down a bit ๐Ÿ˜‰ But before you read any further, just a quick note, I have FREE templates for you today at the bottom of this email!

Creating social media content can be easy or hard, it’s what you make it.

A bit of a bold statement, but this is your reminder that creating content does not have to be hard. When you have a plan for what you will post (even a basic plan of what you talk about in general will do!), then you will have so much clarity on creating content. You can experiment over time as to what messages specifically seem to work for your business, and you will be able to reuse pieces that perform well. 

Pro-tip: Do not get overwhelmed by trying to keep up with large accounts or people who may have an entire marketing team behind them. Your job is to show up consistently and post about things that your audience values and needs.

Social media is an opportunity for business growth, not a burden.

How many times recently have you caught yourself thinking ‘Social media is just too saturated now’, or ‘I am only reaching like 100 people per post, what is the point of this?’

Let me ask you this, do you remember a time BEFORE social media when you had to pay for ad space or print materials to hopefully get in front of someone? Or rent expensive meeting space to present to a room full of people (if you could fill the room), or rent a space at a local market or fair to try to sell your product?

You can still do those things, but social media is this tremendous opportunity to post FOR FREE whenever you want to reach people who need and want what you offer.

Is it annoying that you have 1000 followers and only 100 people are seeing each post? Sure. But could you imagine opening your window to shout your message from the rooftops and every time you did that there were 100 people waiting outside to hear what you have to say? 100 people is still a lot of people!

You have to be a trained graphic designer to have beautiful social media images.

Not true! There was a time where you had to pay a graphic designer to create images for you or learn complicated programs like photoshop to create what you needed for your business, but technology is your bff now and tools like Canva make it incredibly easy to create stunning designs in minutes!

If you’ve been sitting on your ideas because you can’t come up with the right image to go along with your post, then today’s resource is for you ๐Ÿ™‚

Inside the free community I’ve posted my go-to canva templates for when I’m feeling stuck (and maybe even a little lazy) for what to post on social media. It’s my weekly content pack, and it’s yours to use free when you log into the community area.ย 

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