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    Last week I decided to go for it and post a job post on indeed for a jr marketing assistant to join the team, so I could get help with client work and then focus more on creating awesome resources for you (my bff’s on this email list!), and allow us to take some new clients again…

    In 4 hours I had 140+ resumes and was like O.M.G… what now?!

    I narrowed it down to the closest cities to me and sent emails to 4 gals. Three of them scheduled interviews and away we went. But then guess what happened…They were all kind of (or a LOT) awesome!

    So I did what any crazy Gemini in business for herself would do… I hired all three! 🤣 So ya… I’m not in training land getting them up to speed all at the same time, and I’d love for you to join me in welcoming them by replying with a little ‘hello’ message I can pass on to them ❤️👋

    On to the video of the week, I’m sharing some quick tips on how to detox your social media if you feel like it’s all just a little much right now. It’s an easy way to unfollow those who might be destroying your social media mojo, and if you’re in a bazillion groups (somehow) on Facebook, there’s a way to see where they all are and leave if you need to leave. 

    That’s it for this week friend, I hope to see you next week right back here in your inbox :)Oh and for those that saw me talking about the client waitlist in the video, here’s the link where you can drop your name and email if you want to work with us in the coming months:

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