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    2020 is the year that the facade of perfectly polished marketing crashes and burns. Too many people have been burned by influencers faking it with perfect photoshoots, and consumers are desperate for authenticity.

    As consumers get hungry for REAL answers, they will be looking for context outside of keynotes. They’re looking for signs of congruency – proof that their favorite people on platforms are actually walking the walk.

    In 2020, the marketer who provides all-access, behind the scenes, contextual marketing wins.

    It’s the year of humanized marketing.

    Here Are My Marketing Predictions for 2020:

    • Tik. Tok. The clock is ticking. TikTok is a rare platform that shows more dimensions and allows audiences to fall in love with your creative, unpolished, impromptu, or UCG content.
    • Go live. Anywhere. Showcase the chaos of getting ready for an event with 3 kids when your baby has the flu and your last clean outfit was *cough* messed up. 
    • Record your podcast in real life scenarios. Allow your audience to FEEL your life and surroundings through the audio. 
    • Drop Photoshop. So you have a scar on your eyebrow? The holiday eating magically added an extra 15 pounds on your photos? Let it be. Let them see.
    • Video tells all. Consumers are looking for contextual clues in your video marketing. They want more than a perfect set and script. They want to see who you are. Give them more to work with.
    • Tell the truth. So 2019 was a hard year? Tell them. And don’t just brush it off with the usual ‘Oh man, it was a challenging year!’ Tell them what went wrong. Tell them how your heart broke. Tell them about the night when you almost quit. Tell them about the mistakes that nearly destroyed you. Just tell them the truth.

    – Rachel Pedersen. If you want to learn more about the courses and services I offer, please go to my website:

    Consistency Is King – STILL

    In the space I am in (social media marketing), trends can change on the daily, but some things remain key, and one such thing I think that is often overlooked is one of the most simple things… CONSISTENCY! New opportunities and networks pop up all the time, but if you don’t come up with a game plan that allows you to be consistent at whatever it is that you are doing, you’re quickly setting yourself up for overwhelm which never leads anywhere good. The framework for any small business owner as it relates to social media marketing is a strong content baseline that needs to be planned out and researched in advance. Creating a content marketing plan not only alleviates dodgy ‘in the moment’ messy content, but it frees you up to create real, VALUABLE, in-the-moment content that your audience will eat up. So… my advice… stick to a plan, and avoid jumping on every single new trend that you see.
    – Brittany Hardy, Empty Desk Solutions,

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