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I just got off my very first ‘virtual coffee shop’ zoom (proof in the screenshot below that I was up at 6 am to host this haha) and I’m so excited for what’s to come!

Here’s where I am having a bit of a struggle in my business, maybe you’re struggling with the same thing?

I’m forever trying to consolidate systems but somehow I end up signing up for (and paying for…) multiple systems when the primary goal was to have less. 

How does this happen?

Either I love wasting money, or there’s something else making me do this… I ‘think’ it’s kind of like the business owner’s version of shiny object syndrome, with a little bit of FOMO mixed in.

I start off by searching for a system that will do ‘all the things’ (spoiler alert, this literally doesn’t exist, trust me haha), and then I go down this rabbit hole of adding in more layers because I THINK I need something else that’s fancy or has grand promises of more productivity etc only to realize a few weeks later that I’ve just added a totally unnecessary layer of complexity.

Rather than beating myself up about it this week, I am choosing to do a bit of a systems audit to see where I am spending money, what I am using, and what systems I actually NEED to run my business.

My basic needs are:

  • ways to attract clients (website = wordpress, social media accounts, email marketing = convertkit)
  • something to design images and videos for myself and clients = can
  • schedule social media content for myself and clients = sensible
  • way to get paid = convertkit products and quickbooks for invoicing
  • way to pay my staff = quickbooks for payroll and of course, a bank account
  • system to manage projects, communicate with clients and team = basecamp for project management AND office365 for our emails

Systems cost for me: approx $500/month for the ‘needs’ list

Systems I am paying for outside of this list (not identified in my needs list because as I looked into what I was using I realized I did NOT need them) = $400/month approx. 

So here’s what I am doing this week… I am continuing to audit what I am using to see if there’s more that I don’t even know about yet (guess I will be digging into that credit card statement and PayPal account), and I am canceling what I don’t need so that I can save energy and money by leveraging my current systems better.

If you want to join me in this challenge this week, start by listing the basic functions in your business to identify what systems you NEED. Then go through and make a list of all the things you’re paying for. Whatever you don’t need as a core function, get rid of it! The systems you keep need to either save you time, money or be an essential part of your business or they are unnecessarily costing you.

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