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Test, I just can’t shake this feeling of being total overwhelm the last few days and it’s all too often we just share the glittery highlight reel when it comes to marketing and business (especially on social media, which is what I do for a living).

I haven’t quite put my finger on why yet, and I know it will come, but today I wanted to just share some behind-the-scenes with you so that hopefully you can relate and know that IT IS OK to have days, weeks, or even months of feeling like a total blob in your business… you will come out the other side!

I THINK what I’m feeling is maybe less of “failure” per se, and more a feeling of not knowing what the heck to work on when and why. 

I’m what I would consider a “multi-passionate entrepreneur” (someone with too many businesses or business hobbies LOL), and while this can be both fun and exciting, it can also mean that you have to be incredibly strategic about where you spend your time, otherwise, you’ll end up feeling like you’re doing “all the things” and absolutely zero is actually getting checked off the to-do list. 

It’s also very easy to focus only on the negative. It’s human nature.

Last week I:

  • Missed 3 client deadlines (this is NOT my style so I really beat myself up over this)
  • Lost 4 members of one of my memberships after a pretty epic (not our fault) tech glitch that emailed our entire list (not just members – eek!)
  • Completely lost all patience for my family because I was stuck in business overwhelm (running a business with 4 kids is not for the faint of heart!)
  • Tried to map out a financial strategy to restructure personal and business debt to get a better handle on where we are headed (that will probably get squashed because of Canada’s tight lending rules right now)

Why don’t we instead celebrate the wins so that we know that, in fact, we are doing amazing things!

Also last week I:

  • Finally figured out how to offer (with my biz bestie Jen) a $1 trial to our membership (this is huge for us!)
  • Got new Facebook ads set up that will allow us to share the community with more people
  • Welcome 100+ new members into our free collaborative Facebook Group (The Savvy Squad) where we will provide value and nurture relationships 
  • Had 5 new leads come in for websites and social media marketing packages
  • Had more uplifting conversations that I can count with my besties inside of our morning coffee chats at (hello motivation!)
  • Decluttered the heck out of my house so that I can focus on work instead of the kid mess behind me
  • Optimized my Facebook ads to grow my email list and brainstormed a new ads challenge coming soon to members

The list of wins goes on, but the point is… it’s ok to feel overwhelmed AND celebrate your wins. It’s ok to take a break and step away when you need to. And it’s ok to ask for help!

I’m here for you, and I do actually reply to these emails, so if you need a little piece of advice or direction today, let me know. I’m here and waiting 🙂

Until next week,

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