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Last week I was hit with total and complete overwhelm. I was looking at my ‘to-dos’ in basecamp which is the project management tool we use, and I have over FIVE HUNDRED to-dos.

What the heck happened?

As much as I’d like to pretend I don’t know what happened, I have to admit to myself it’s a result of these three things:

  1. I didn’t properly utilize my team and assign tasks accordingly
  2. I didn’t set proper deadlines for bigger projects (so now I’m forced to play catch-up), and
  3. I lost sight of my morning routine and commitment to showing up for specific ‘work hours’ at home.

I’m not one to get stuck in the weeds though, and I’m reading the perfect book right now for what I’m going through. It’s Gabby Bernstein’s ‘Super Attractor’! I’m using her ‘choose again’ method to reframe my thoughts when I sink into overwhelm so that I can quickly exit my pity party for one, and re-enter the soiree with a fresh outlook on what I need to do.

I have a friend who told me about his acronym for ‘WIN’:

What’s Important Now…

This is what I am living by for the next month. I’m choosing to write down LESS things that I HAVE to do, and I am picking only three main work priorities/tasks for the day. I choose the most pressing items and I’m doing those first, and then I move down the list with a timer set for one hour to see how much I can get done. I think I can get through these 500 to-dos in the next 2 weeks (time will tell though!).

Here are my solutions to my three problems that are causing overwhelm and how I can maybe help you too!

Solution #1: I am re-assigning tasks within Basecamp to the appropriate team member and letting go of the feeling I need to control everything. I’m going to do a better job of empowering my team to take on each task in their own way. If you don’t have a way to track all of your to-dos, I invite you to search for a system that will work for you this week. There’s no better time than the end of the year to start up a new system that will take you into the new year with the kick-ass organization.

Solution #2: I am focusing on the three main tasks I need to do each day, and then I am setting a timer for ONE HOUR to see how many to-dos I can personally catch up on. If you’re feeling like you’re having a hard time focusing too, try it with me! Set a one-hour timer and don’t do ANYTHING other than knock off those little to-dos. See how much progress you can make in one hour and then repeat a few times a day until you’re all caught up.

Solution #3: Get back to my planner! I need to set real ‘work hours’ that I stick to at home so that I can still get done what I need to get done and then be present for my kids when they are home and not at school. 

BONUS SOLUTION: Those lingering projects…

I have a whack of website projects on the go and I was trying to figure out why they are taking so long and the truth is, there’s no one to blame except myself! It’s not the clients fault they haven’t sent me specific content, because my process on what to ask for and how is broken!

I was listening to a Facebook live last week from a fellow mompreneur (Olivia from Mom Boss Society), and her guest who does websites has the same challenge. She started a brilliant new service which she calls her ‘Website Intensives’. Instead of her traditional ‘here’s your quote, now let’s work back and forth for months until we are ready to launch (which is typical for website projects), she’s started a ‘website in a day’ model where you have to commit to working with her 1:1 for a whole day and get your website launched that day. 

BRILLIANT! I am offering a similar service, called ‘The Expedited Website’. I am only able to take on 2 of these clients each month because I have to schedule the whole day for them in advance (and you know… the 4 kids at home makes that somewhat difficult at times haha!). If you are looking to have your website created or refreshed, please let me know and I will add you to the waitlist if the spots for December fill up fast.


PS: I’m looking for guests on the Lady Biz Cafe podcast! If you want to hop on and talk #MomLife #EntrepreneurLife and #SmallBusinessMarketing with me, please let me know – I’d love to have you!