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How was your weekend?

Last week I sent out an email with a free virtual coworking video with a 30 minute timer and it was a hit! I guess I’m not the only one looking for ways to create some atmosphere while I work at home but stay focused on the task at hand. I’m going to be creating a new co-working video on my YouTube channel for you each week, stay tuned!

But this had me thinking… are there more people than I originally thought looking for interesting ways to co-work and maybe even have some fun while doing it?

So here’s what I’m doing for you today… I’m opening up my zoom room to hop on and co-work with me.

Here’s how it’s going to shakedown…

  1. Start with this 5 min guided visualization to create focus (do this before you hop on zoom)
  2. Hop on zoom here at 1:oopm PST: 

I’ll be playing my coworking ‘beach vibes’ video (you know, so we can all pretend to be sipping a pina colada on the beach while we work!), and you can use the chat to state your intention for what you want to accomplish in the 30 min co-working session and let whoever is online support you!

At the end of the 30 min, you’re welcome to unmute or share your video and tell me what you got done, or what you might need help with. I’m here to cheer you on!

In other news (and it’s big news for the team at Empty Desk Solutions!) we’ve updated our social media packages for the first time in 4 years – wowzas!

We’ve stripped away ALL THE THINGS that were just there because I ‘thought’ they needed to be there, and we’ve launched ONE simple package that includes 5 posts/week to your social media channels, PLUS stories, and optional blogging/newsletter add-ons. You can check it out here:

And I’ve heard you loud and clear DIYers, the social media content membership (Confident with Content™ the Community) is currently waitlisted, but I’ve added an option called ‘Social Media VIP Done in a Day’ where you get me for 4 hours all to yourself on zoom and we plan out, design, and schedule your content for the next 3 months. What?! 

*Social media VIP ‘Done in a Day’ sessions are offered on a first-come first serve and new spaces will be released each month. 

Ok friend – that’s it! Maybe I will see you this afternoon in the co-working room, and if not, I’ll see you in your inbox next week 🙂


PS: If you want to join me in the morning on zoom to chat and co-work, here’s the MomBizCafe link to sign up: