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Happy Monday!

I’m feeling both revved up and ready to go for next year, and somehow completely drained all at the same time, is that normal? 😝

I’m feeling inspired by a conversation last week with my biz bestie! We were brainstorming ways to engage our audience and email lists and she runs this amazing social media content planning workshop on-demand, so I said ‘why not just offer a one-time free one? Like ‘one time only, I never do this, so jump on while there’s space…’

Well, she wasted no time (we both kind of run with our ideas as soon as they come to us, maybe that’s why we’re a business match made in heaven HAHA), and she sent out the invite. When we met last week she told me she already had 73 people who were going to jump on live, and when I checked in today before her reminder email, she was up to 85 which means she will probably max out her 100 seat zoom plan for her workshop – how freakin exciting is that?!

You probably wondering why on earth I’m telling you this story about another business and not mine 🤔

I am sharing it because collaboration is all around us, and I’m feeling inspired to do this for my peeps too!

If you want to hop on her content planning session (Plan it like a pro), there might be remaining spots here:

And as for me… I want to help you plan out your 2022 weekly content themes you can use for your email marketing, blogs, social media etc. When I started really focusing on growing my email list and sending out weekly messages (just like this one), my business took me on a completely different journey, and a really good one! I want to help you uncover what’s in store for your business too when you power up your content and email marketing game.

Save your seat here:

Until next time – cheers!