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    “Selling you” is not my goal.

    Do you believe that if you genuinely want to help that the universe has your back and the money will come? I certainly do.

    I get asked quite often what my free coffee chats are for and how they go down, so today I thought I would share a little behind the scenes from one last week.

    Every time I get that little calendly notification that someone has booked a free coffee chat I get super excited! It makes me feel like the service I provide really does hold value, and people are curious and want to learn more. It also means that the content I put out on social media (and in these emails) creates trust… enough trust that someone takes the leap to schedule that call.

    One lovely lady that took that leap last week was Hollie from Instagram: anxiety-on-the-brain.

    In Hollies notes for the call, she indicated that she wanted to learn how she could turn her followers on Instagram in to purchasers.

    When I saw her lovely face pop-up on zoom, I was ready to dive right in.

    We pretty quickly identified that there were some foundational things that need to be addressed (on her website and in her marketing strategy), we looked together at her instagram and her website to see what may be working and what might not.

    Because Hollie is in the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey, this coffee chat was at the perfect time because I was able to share some key things that I would do if I was in her position (knowing what I know now 8 years into my business journey).

    What started as a call scheduled to learn about sales on instagram led to some solid advice around developing a lead magnet and  starting to build an email list while she continues to grow her Instagram following. We talked about how her email list will be that piece that bridges the gap between followers and sales.

    It looks like this:

    Social media content –> opt-in (free irresistible download) –> nurture –> sale –> repeat.

    *Note: it actually doesn’t matter what type of business you have, the strategy is almost identical.

    It may take on another form like this:

    “know factor”  = social media blog/article (brand content awareness) –> “trust factor” = email list and continuous communication –> “purchase/conversion” = sale (you can substitute facebook group or other community for email list however I would caution against having no email list at all because it’s really the only place you ‘own’ your stuff (case in point, when Facebook disabled me account for 4 months for absolutely nothing, and I couldn’t contact anyone if it weren’t for my email list).

    So this (along with some other content suggestions and introductions to other partners I work with) is what I left Hollie with to focus on in the short term.

    I had nothing to “sell” her and I knew based on where she was in her journey.

    I knew she didn’t need my content packages right now but that didn’t stop me from taking time out of my morning to have a real human connection  and conversation.

    I know that jumping on” no strings attached” calls still pays for itself in the end because Hollie may come back to me when she is ready to hire a content marketer, and surely if someone was to ask her if she knew anyone who could offer marketing advice, I would more than likely be top of mind.

    Always remember, that you and your business are not a commodity or just a number. If you have vendors that make you feel this way, run! If they are truly in it to help you and provide a great service, it will never feel out of alignment.

    Cheers to you ‘first name and a wonderful week ahead. If you want to hop on a coffee chat with me. heres the link to snoop my available times for this coming week. Book here: https://emptydesksolutions.ca/workwithme/

    Until next time,