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    What is your business all about? I am writing you today to get to know you a little better. Some people have been on my list for years and others are brand new and I really want to dig in and create content and resources that support the real people that open up my emails 🙂

    So… If you’re able to today, can you reply and just tell me what your business is and what you might like to see from me? It keeps me motivated to create better content every single week.

    I’m also working on ideas for some mini-courses to launch this summer (maybe sooner if baby Daphne gets on a better nap schedule?!) so I would love to hear which of the following you might be most interested in.

    Option 1:
    -How we create our social media content for our clients and what tools we use to publish it seamlessly saving time and money

    Option 2:
    -How we take our email content that we send weekly and repurpose it as website content and social content that lasts for years

    Option 3:
    -Canva design hacks for the social media content DIYer

    Option 4:
    -My weekly email marketing system

    Option 5:
    -How I come up with half my year’s email topics with one simple strategy that takes less than one hour

    That’s it for today, I hope to hear from you! Stay tuned for a new resource coming your way about content repurposing on Monday.

    Until next time,