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Good afternoon and Happy Thursday!

I hope you have been enjoying this gorgeous summer we are having. I have just returned from mini-trip #2 with the fam to Vernon BC (we also hit up Whistler the weekend before), and we have one last little trip this month to Victoria for a few nights… we are definitely spoiling ourselves with the beauty our province has to offer.

While we were away, I did ‘the usual business things’ (checking emails, answering the odd call, sending invoices) to keep my business running, and contrary to what my old self would have thought, NOTHING BAD HAPPENED! In fact, while I was away, I had two really good sales calls, and two new clients that agreed to proposals sent earlier in the summer.ย I actually made money while sitting on the beach – win!

But it wasn’t always this way. I used to scramble while on holidays, thinking about everything I had to do, and because my business was (and still is) about social media marketing, I felt like I had to be ‘on’ social media the entire time I was away, creating and posting content to stay in front of my current, past, and future clients.

It was exhausting! I knew there had to be a better way to actually shut off and enjoy my time with my family.

Day in and day out, I was writing monthly content batches with the help of my team for our clients all across the country, but my own content and marketing was left ad-hoc (the demise of a small business!).

Why wasn’t I making this a priority for my own business? If I know that it stresses me out to leave things to the last minute and not have it ready to go in advance, why did I keep doing this to myself?

To be fair, there’s a couple of reasons…

  1. I didn’t see a direct cash benefit to getting content done in advance for myself (what a rookie mistake… the time freed up by having content done in advance equals time I can put in to money making activities – duh!)
  2. My mind was telling me I didn’t need to. It was easier to just do it on the fly (spoiler alert… it’s not haha)ย 
  3. Something always got in the way (could it be the 4 children I have? The other things that need me in the business? Personal commitments? You get the idea..)

Ok so that’s three reasons, not two.. but whatever. You get the idea.

So why am I even telling you this story?

Because I want to share with you that ‘content batching’ or using templates and a plan on what to post on social media isn’t just a ‘nice to have’ anymore, it’s a necessity if you want to free up your time for better and more profitable activities.ย 

If you’re stuck on what to post, you might be in need of a content plan and strategy. I offer free zoom coffee chats if you need some direction! You can book them at (click the ‘work with me’ tab).ย 

If you know what to post, but you just want to get it done quicker and have better performing content for your business, then you might actually be looking for content and image templates to simplify your life.ย 

The doors are currently closed to my Confident with Contentโ„ข the Community membership, but they will be re-opening in the fall and I can guarantee you it will save you BOATLOADS of time creating and posting your social media content. Stay tuned for when the doors reopen for enrollment ๐Ÿ™‚

In the meantime, if you want a sample of the content included to try it out for yourself, here is myย super secret google drive folder with the free resources.ย 

Until next week…