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    Happy Monday! Have you got your social media content scheduled so you can enjoy the holidays?

    Happy Monday!

    Are you all geared up for the holidays? I have about 10% of my shopping done, so… there’s that 😬

    But there is one thing that I don’t have to worry about, and that’s my social media content. It’s already completely done for the month of December and scheduled. Woohoo!

    I’m just popping in today to tell you that you do NOT have to be on social media over the holidays for your business. 

    Sure there are some customer service-type messages that you might have to reply to, but you can even set up auto-reply messages to say ‘Hi! I’m off for the holidays spending time with my family, I will be returning messages by _____” (we do this with email, why not with social media?).

    But the content piece, you definitely don’t need to be logging in to Facebook or Instagram over the holidays to post stuff for your business, unless you want to!

    I want you to enjoy social media this Christmas season, I want you to be able to use it to browse happy holiday photos from friends and family, and use it to catch up with people via messenger or chat, not stress about creating new content.

    So, how can you schedule content in advance so you can check it out?

    Let’s batch some content together, the easy way!

    Here’s what you’re going to do (again… if you want to 😜)

    1. Decide how many posts you want to schedule (let’s start with just 2/week), then decide what you want to talk about… ideas below…
    2. Write your posts in a google doc (or microsoft word if that’s your jam)
    3. Open up canva and find a template that will work for each post and design away!
    4. Open up the scheduler of your choice (we use sendible) and schedule those posts. If you’re only posting to Facebook and Instagram, you can do this by using Facebook business suite

    Post ideas to use:

    • Dec 7: My year in review – tell people about your top 5 highlights from the year – you can relate this to your personal or business life
    • Dec 9: My holiday plans – tell people you’re taking a social media break over the holidays and tell them what you’ll be enjoying instead
    • Dec 14: Share your email list link with people so they can sign up to stay in touch with you in the new year
    • Dec 16: Spreading cheer before the holidays! Talk about a random act of kindness that you do each year around the holidays.
    • Dec 17: National Ugly Sweater Day – I know you have one kicking around you can share LOL
    • Dec 24: Christmas Eve – share your families christmas eve traditions
    • Dec 25th: Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas post
    • Dec 27th: If you’re into boxing day sales, share what you’re hoping to score as a deal this year for yourself, your family, or your business.
    • Dec 31st: Happy New Year Post – you can also add what your big goal(s) is/are for next year – and that’s a wrap!

    If you’re stuck and need some guidance, I have a few spots left for December content brainstorm sessions – you can grab yours here:

    Until next time – cheers!