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It’s been a hot minute since I snuck my way into your email inbox! 

I always get asked ‘How much should I spend when getting someone to create social media content for me?’, so today… I’m breaking that down for you with ONE simple calculation, and then I have a behind the scenes video for you on my ‘Social Media VIP ‘Done in a Day’ package where we write and design THREE MONTHS of content for you and schedule it in one fell swoop 😉

Ok here’s the calculation:

  1. Start with your hourly rate (if you’re commission-based you’ll have to kind of reverse engineer this part and turn your average monthly commission into a salary and then figure out what it would be ‘per hour’. My example is $95/hour
  2. Multiply your dollar per hour ($95) times however many hours per week you spend on creating content (5)
  3. Multiply this by 4 weeks to get your monthly amount

Here’s my example:

$95×4 = $475/week

$475/week x 4 weeks = $1900/month

So if I was hiring someone to do my social media, I could spend up to $1900/month but ideally I would want to spend LESS than what it takes me to personally do it.

What someone will charge you to put together and post your content will depend on what they are actually creating, where they are posting it to, the level of complexity of your posts, what tools they use, and their experience. Hopefully, this calculation is helpful in determining the best course of action for you 🙂

Now for the exciting part…

My Social Media VIP Days are officially open for bookings! I am only taking FOUR of these each month and they will book up fast, so please reply to this email if you think this would free up your time, and watch the video below for the behind the scenes of a real VIP day that was just done and what Alysha got out of it.

Here’s what she had to say when we were done:

“I just got off of my official VIP day call with Brittany, and to say I am relieved would be a total understatement. She took all of my ideas from our kick-off call, and her team wrote three months of social media content for me WITH branded images. All I had to do was look at the google doc (I didn’t even have to request changes!), and then she scheduled the content for me. I’m totally free now to not do social media content for the next three months, I can’t believe it! Totally worth my investment for the peace of mind alone. Thank you Brittany and team!” -Alysha Spencer, Your VA 4 a Day

Ok, that’s it friends! I will see you next week 🙂

Until next week – Cheers!

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