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Well, the week is all about over but I was on a zoom call yesterday with my fellow Create & Sell program peeps put on by the Female Entrepreneur Association and their incredible team, and I put myself out there for a hot seat again on a coaching call – so scary!

But seriously, why on earth would I pass up the opportunity to get advice from my business idol Carrie Green?! This is the second time in the program I’ve got to speak with her 1:1 (albeit in front of a bunch of others on zoom) and I’m just so happy I’m taking the leap to just believe in myself and the new products and programs I’m creating for you.

I’ve always been a little shy to ask for feedback (that fear of rejection thing… Do you have it too?)…

But I am already in it to win it with the new Virtual Cafe to help business owners on top of my existing social media marketing business, so really, what have I got to lose by putting myself out there?

When was the last time you did something totally scary for your business or for yourself and stripped away from your own judgement that people won’t like you if you offer it or put it out there?

I’m even having that feeling as I send this email… when I see those unsubscribes come through I think “oh my goodness, what did I say that made those people not like me enough to stay on my email list for the stories and free marketing advice and resources?”

But then when I really sit with it, I remind myself that you can’t be everything to everyone, and the things I am creating will change people’s lives and the right people will connect with my message. I have to focus on that.

Anyways, enough of the story for today I guess, but I want to leave you with one thing… just put your offer out there! I’ll be your biggest cheerleader 🙂 Reply and tell me the one idea you’ve been sitting on that maybe you’ve been too scared to put out there, I’ll be right here to tell you to go for it!

So.. what have I been shy about promoting?…

My new FREE Facebook group ‘The Moms Morning Club‘! I’ve been nervous to put it out there because this email list is about 1600 people and is comprised of all different types of entrepreneurs and Empty Desk Solutions clients, and I was scared that I would annoy our male subscribers by talking about a group for Moms in business…

But there are two things with this...

  1. The people that don’t resonate with the group likely know someone that it could help, so they might forward this on to someone who needs it (win!), and
  2. I’ve created something that’s open to everyone – my daily 1pm FREE co-working sessions! (You can register for those here:

If you want to join the Free Moms Morning Club Facebook Group, we will be posting free webinars and marketing training events, and you’ll have the chance to network and grow your business with other entrepreneurs just like you! Here’s the link to join:

Happy Friday!

Until next week – Cheers!

PS: Did you know that I offer free 10-minute coffee chats on zoom, you’re welcome to book one to brainstorm with me or see if my content membership is the right fit for you. Grab your spot here:

PPS: If you want to join me in the morning on zoom to chat and co-work, here’s the MomBizCafe link to sign up: