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Hi there,

For the email skimmers – here’s the link to register for the 2023 Content Planning Party on zoom, it’s live and I am there for all of your Q+A: 

I am already missing the quiet family time that this holiday season brought to my home, but truth to be told, I was also itching to get back to my business because January is always a big power-up month for me and my digital marketing.

It’s a time where I set my goals and lay the foundation for the year ahead, and I want to help you do that too!

Enter… “The Resolution”...

Many people make them, but few people keep them – New Year’s Resolutions that is. From growing your business to making more time for yourself, whatever your resolutions are for 2023, there is a surefire way to make sure you reach the goals you actually set. 

  1. Write those goals down! The simple act of taking the time to commit your goals to paper makes you 42% more likely to achieve your goals. If you want a little accountability, email me back with what your goals are and I will check in with you once a month! 
  2. Create an action plan to follow through on your goals every single day. Without it, over 96% of people have fallen off track of reaching their goals by the 6-month mark. Every week I take something that needs to be accomplished that week to get me to my bigger goal, and I break it down into ONE STEP I can take each day to get there. It’s amazing how much easier it feels when you aren’t staring at an enormous goal with no way to chunk it down.

Will you be one of the 4% this year that sticks to their plan? 

Committing to a schedule and a content plan for your social media is going to be a whole lot easier after you attend the FREE 2023 Kick off Planning Workshop How to Plan a Month’s worth of Content in 30 minutes (or less!) 

In just 60 minutes of time at this workshop we are going to outline the exact formula for planning content fast. We will also dive into a few of the metrics to think about for 2023 and how to set up your year for success. We will be providing templates on the live call, so save your seat because space is limited! I am looking forward to supporting you in your 2023 business goals – wherever they might take you! 

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