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Last email of 2022, let’s make it count 😉 My January social media roadmap is enclosed for you.

I hope you had a beautiful Christmas! I’m still in holiday mode, and next year I think I need to turn on that auto-reply even sooner, I think this time to recharge is so important!

Today I’m sharing with you my January social media content roadmap. This is the exact roadmap I follow and the same roadmap that Confident with Content™ the Community members follow – they also have the actual fill-in-the-blank social media posts and image templates so they are getting it done a lot faster!

If you’re ready to dial in your marketing ‘funnels’ and get some email marketing advice and best practices for 2022, stay tuned for my funnel challenge I am running with Olivia Radcliffe of Bluebell Group and The Mom Boss Society. The invite is on its way next week!

Until next time – cheers, and Happy New Year!! 🥂 

PS: S1.E5 is up on the Mom Biz Cafe Podcast – you can listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts.