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Happy Wednesday! I usually pop into your email inbox on Mondays, but last week was a heavy promotional week for an email in my world so I gave you a little break πŸ€ͺ

I just wanted to share some things I learned in this past membership launch with you, because you might just be sitting on an idea that’s just a realπŸ†, but maybe you’re scared of all the things that could go sideways. 

I could get into all the nitty-gritty details on how things went wrong and what things went right, but I’ll spare your reading attention span today and cut to the chase.

Here’s the summary of things you can learn from my recent launch of the with myself and Jen…

What did I learn:

  1. Launching an idea WITH someone was a game-changer because:
    1. We were each other’s cheerleaders, we did not get bored, and we got to celebrate the wins together!
    2. We had two audiences to promote to which essentially doubled our chance of success and sales
    3. We could split up the work and it was less overwhelming
    4. We had more light-bulb ideas together – if I did this on my own my ideas might have been limited
  2. No matter how much you test, the tech can fail you:
    1. I have used ‘products’ inside of my email program before with no issues, but this time the tech gremlins were out to get me for sure. Our πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ currency product showed our customers a Canadian receipt but the program charged them in USD! Ouch!
    2. We had to refund our initial members and swallow our pride asking them to sign up at a new link – so embarrassing – but they must have understood the value of our founding member launch because they re-signed up – woohoo!
  3. Automations aren’t always your friend:
    1. my fancy automation worked for some things and not for others, sometimes the complex tasks are actually better handled manually.
  4. Set a realistic goal for your launch:
    1. We wanted 10 founding members and blew past that goal and ended up with 22! Having a goal that we knew we could meet made us feel super successful.
  5. We trusted our gut and went for it:
    1. We really had no idea if people would be interested in our offer, but something was nagging at us to try, so we went for it and we are over the moon excited for where this membership will take us and our members.
  6. You will lose some people along the way during a promotion:
    1. This is actually true for every single email I send. I get anywhere from 10-50 subscribers a week who download my free content calendar but every time my weekly email comes out (no matter how packed with valuable info it is) I lose 5-10 subscribers. It took me a while to not let this hurt my feelings and then I realized it was just part of the email marketing game we are all here to play and the people that would need my advice would stick around.
  7. Even if your idea isn’t a win, you will learn A LOT about how to promote your next idea:
    1. In our case, it was a win, but even if it failed in terms of no sales, we should have had a promotion plan for next time because of all the upfront work.

What’s your next idea you want to put out there, or do you have an idea you’ve been sitting on for a while because you don’t see how all the pieces work together yet?

Just go for it! 

As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.” -Rumi

Until next week – Cheers!

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