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are you feeling like you can just never keep up with your email marketing stuff?

Ya, I’ve been there!It wasn’t until I was hacked on Facebook and then had them take away my account as soon as I got it back for FOUR MONTHS that I knew there was no other way forward for my business unless I stepped up my email marketing game.

I felt a little bit like…

I want to share my TOP TEN TIPS for long-term email marketing success, so that you can leverage email to grow and streamline your businesses marketing 😜

  1. Make it a priority! If you don’t set aside time every single week (or month if you chose a different email interval), then let’s face it, it’s not going to happen. You HAVE to make your email marketing a priority for it to be successful.
  2. Be clear on your goals and expectations. You have to start growing your list itself before you figure out how to get it to ‘convert’ into replies, sales, consultations etc. Set goals for how many subscribers you want to try and get each month and then be sure to track your progress monthly.
  3. Use your real voice. You can 100% outsource your email marketing if you want to, but make sure whoever is writing your emails can embody your unique energy in the words they are choosing. Pro-tip: you can always record yourself talking with something like an iphone voice note and send it to your assistant or marketing unicorn to transcribe and turn into a newsletter – then it’s guaranteed to have your voice. 😉
  4. Try to make your emails about THEM and less about you. I often tell stories about my own life and business, but I do my best to wrap it up with how it can apply to my readers life or business. Remember your email marketing is a way of nurturing relationships.
  5. Ask for feedback. If you want to know what types of things your subscribers want to hear or learn about, ask them! The best way to write relevant content is to speak to the content consumer (you could even do a zoom interview to ask them questions and then base your emails around their answers). 🧐
  6. Don’t allow overwhelm to creep in. If you start to feel overwhelmed, take a step back and reassess your email marketing situation. In my opinion, done is better than perfect with your emails, and remaining consistent in your communication is absolutely crucial – it’s more important than obsessing over what images to use and where etc. 🙌
  7. Follow your email marketing plan (remember the one you created on day 4 of this challenge?), but give yourself space to send special emails when creativity strikes or something really special happens. It’s ok to deviate from the plan (it’s your roadmap and guide, but it doesn’t have to be set in stone). 🗿
  8. Use all of the promotional tools available to you to get new subscribers. Use your website and social media to talk about your lead magnet or why people should join your list. Don’t expect subscribers to ‘just happen’. It takes work to get them on your list.
  9. Do NOT – I repeat, do NOT spend money on Facebook ads or any other ads to grow your list until you are 100% SURE people are finding value in and using your lead magnet. Ads amplify whatever is happening in your business. If you have something that is converting (perhaps a landing page with your lead magnet that is indeed getting opt-ins at a decent rate), then ads could work and will amplify that gold you’ve got. But if you’ve got 💩… well then the ads will just get you MORE 💩. LOL!
  10. Never stop learning. Marketing is always evolving and changing, and so should you. Email marketing will be around for the foreseeable future. Email is used every day by almost every business I can think of, so naturally it’s a good avenue to reach people. But keep in mind that the way people consume content is kind of a moving target so you have to be ready to pivot and to have an open mind to learning new strategies and tactics along your journey.

If you have been though my free 5 day email set-up and build challenge, then you already have this list and I hope you’re putting it to good use 🙂

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Cheers to you and your email marketing success, and I’ll chat with you next week 🙂

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