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    Good morning!

    How has your week been? I’ve been trying to cram in the rest of summer before my kiddos are all back to school and the morning routine gets real hah!

    You might have seen the news this week that Instagram is replacing the ‘swipe up’ feature that was reserved for people with 10k+ followers (in their stories) with a link sticker. Man oh man was I excited that I would have access to this for myself, and for my clients and Confident with Content™ members… until I read that, nope… you STILL have to have 10k followers to access this. This drives me nuts I have to admit. Most small businesses do NOT have 10,000 followers and don’t have a way to add links to articles or websites on Instagram (except this link in their bio which you would have to change all the time).

    This is why it’s so important to make sure that wherever you’re sending traffic to in your bio is OPTIMIZED to provide the information your audience needs quickly and easily, and it’s important to make sure you have something your audience can opt in for to capture their emails for your contact list.If you don’t have something to offer (it can be free or paid) that people want (example, my website has a week of free content pop up that gets people to opt in to my list), then you’re totally wasting your website traffic. You’re getting people going there and maybe poking around for a bit, then they leave and you literally have no way of ever converting that person to a relationship or someone that will buy a product or contact you to use your service. 

    I’ll give you the example of a mortgage broker (many of our clients and members are in this industry). Traditionally their websites just have the regular info on what they do and who they are. Very rarely will you see something that people can opt in for aside from a ‘free pre-approval’. The reality is, most people are ready to jump in and give over all of their financial info at this point, but what if the broker website was to offer a ‘my free 5 step plan to buying your first home workbook’ or ‘download my free home buying checklist’ or even ‘download my free home search score card for your real estate tours’. If you put your head around what someone who uses your service is looking for RIGHT NOW, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what you can provide them in exchange for their email address, which THEN becomes a lead and not ‘just a website click’.

    So I have a challenge for you today…If your website doesn’t have anything people can opt in for (called a freebie or lead magnet or ‘opt-in’), I want you to brainstorm 3 ideas of what you could create and have added to your website. The first five people to reply get a $5 Starbucks gift card on me AND a free 15 min zoom chat where I can help you outline the steps to creating this and getting it done!If you snooze, you lose! lol



    PS – I am currently working on my ‘Confident with Content™ Starter Course – this course is going to be a 6 part video series on coming up with your content pillars, creating enough ideas for a YEAR, writing a month worth of content using my simple system, designing your image templates (with the use of the free templates I will provide in canva), and a scheduling component where I show you how I schedule my content for an entire month in less than 10 minutes. This course is going to be offered at $97 but will have a beta group that will get access for $47 when it’s ready this fall. If you are interested in this, please let me know so I can send you the founding member secret purchase link.