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“People don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy.” 

-Jeffrey Gitomer

Have you heard this quote? 

I always think about this as it relates to my business, sometimes I have times that are heavy promotional periods where yes… I am asking people to buy something, but most of the time I’m here to try and provide as much value as possible so that when someone is indeed ready to buy, they will naturally think of me (for marketing anyways hah!).

There’s a lot of chatter right now about Black Friday and whether or not it’s good for small businesses so I wanted to share some thoughts today and I’m curious to know yours too! I have compiled some Black Friday stats over on the community area if you want to check those out, and if you comment below with your Black Friday promotion offer, I’ll comment back with some ideas just for you!

PS: is running it’s own Black Friday promotion where it’s completely FREE to try for 30 days (no credit card required), so definitely check that out if you’ve been on the fence about joining us for some of our calls or workshops to level up your social media and digital marketing.

Ok now for the fun stuff! The official roundup of Black Friday Deals for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs. 

I’m starting off with some fantastic offers from some of my Biz Besties!

  1. A community to help you plan and get it done (social media and digital marketing)
  2. Instagram Coaching with Jennifer Kolbuc ($100 Off) 
  3. Virtual Assistant VIP Days with Alysha Spencer ($100 Off) 
  4. Branding Photos with Stef Fournier ($100 Off)
  5. Business Coaching with Lisa van Reeuwyk ($200 Off)
  6. Morning and Evening Meditation Audio files from (50% Off) – use coupon code 50OFF

And of course, no Black Friday would be complete without some tech or software for Small Businesses, so here’s my roundup for that category:

  1. Canva – this is the tool we use for all of our graphic design – they always offer a free trial. You’re gonna be hooked, this one tool changed my business forever! Free trial is for 30 days and no credit card is required.
  2. Sendible – this is the tool we use to schedule content for our social media channels (for ourselves and our clients) from ONE simple dashboard. You can even respond to comments and messages within sendible. No more logging in and out of multiple platforms to keep up with notifications – win! Sendible’s free trial is 14 days and there is no credit card required.
  3. ConvertKit – this is the tool we use for our email marketing (it’s where you’re getting this email from now!). Convertkit is easy to use even for the beginner email marketer. Their free trial is 14 days and no credit card is required.
  4. Divi Theme for WordPress – If you’re a WordPress user for your website (or want to be one), Divi is literally THE theme you need. It’s super flexible, has countless templates, is actually easy to build (page builder included), and their support is fantastic when you need help. Their black Friday sales page is here: often discount their lifetime theme access on Black Friday so stay tuned!)
  5. Quickbooks – 75% off for 3 months. This is what we use to track income and expenses and run the books for our business. It’s a must have if you are growing and need a bookkeeper and accountant to jump in there with you!
  6. 17hats – from now until Jan 2023, you can get 50% off an annual subscription to 17hats. This is the system we use to automate all of our workflows, customer proposals, contracts and even invoicing!
  7. Laptop pick #1 – The Apple MacBook Air – you can get Black Friday open box deals like this one at Best Buy (search black friday and then laptops)
  8. Video and screen record with – this is what we use to record and send quick videos to clients, potential clients, and internally amongst the team
  9. Website Domain Names – is currently offering $0.01 domain name registration for up to 3 years – I’ve never ever seen something this low!
  10. Ring Light for better photo and video lighting on a budget – there is no shortage of amazing lighting to choose from at a local vendor or on Amazon like this one (if you haven’t purchased one before, start with a simple one and upgrade later if it’s for you!)
  11. Remarkable tablet – this is a splurge buy for all you note-takers that want something digital, but feels like paper still! I use my tablet ALL THE TIME and hardly ever print anything. I load my PDFs onto this tablet and take notes on them and it’s such a fun device. They are doing a discount for Black Friday here:

I’d love to know about the best Black Friday deals you’ve found for small businesses or just your favourite deal in general. Hit that reply button and let me know what you find!

Until next time,