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When you’re ready to take back control of your time!

Whether you’re looking to ‘get it off your plate’ because you just can’t find it within you to ‘love’ social media marketing, or you’re business is at the point it no longer makes sense for you to spend your own time creating content, my packages can help!

Plus… I LOVE creating social media content, so let’s work together!

Ok… If you want to read the blah blah blah sales copy you can scroll on down the page…


But if you’re ready to just check out the ways we can work together, what’s included, and check out our prices, here they are:

Wake up, do some things, then some other things,

then look down at your phone to check the time.

“Oh my goodness, it’s noon already?!”

It hits you like a ton of bricks… time for lunch!

But wait… I still have to respond to my emails, log in to do some bookkeeping (ugh gross!), call back a few clients that have been waiting on me (crap, did I forget to call them again?! I knew my calendar sync wasn’t working…), and that website update just staring at me from behind my screen is patiently (impatiently) begging for some attention.

Let’s not forget, that dreaded feeling of ‘here we go again, time to post something for my business on social media so I can keep up’.

You hate it (ok maybe not ‘hate’, but you definitely don’t love it) because, you don’t know what to post, you don’t know when to post it, you don’t know ‘where’ to post it (good lord why are there so many social media platforms?!)

… and you definitely don’t even want to think about how long it takes you to design each image or communicate with your fav graphic designer.

Does it have to feel this way every single day?

Fast forward one hour later…

You still haven’t eaten lunch and your stomach is screaming at you (will another coffee do for now?), and you realize instead of posting that elegant piece of content you’ve now been sucked down the rabbit hole.

Congratulations. You spent an entire hour scrolling Facebook and Instagram (oooo a sale on your fav clothing brand starts tomorrow at 8am PST? – ya… I’ve been there!) when all you meant to do was log in, post you content and GTFO so you could focus on other things.

I promise you there’s an easier and better way.

One where you don’t have to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, bored or straight up annoyed at what you ‘have to do’ on social media every day to keep your business in front of your customers.

It’s called JUST OUTSOURCE THAT BAD BOY! (In other words, work with me, because I LOVE creating social media content and so does my team.)

You can hire any old agency to help you write, design, and publish your content, or you could put your trust in us – the Empty Desk Solutions gals. We’ve been at this for 8 years and have so many awesome reviews that remind us each and every day why we continue to do what we do.

Hiring someone to help you with your social media content allows you to focus on more important tasks in your business so you can take back control of your time, and make more money.Β 

As a mother of four, I value time with my family above all else. I hire experts to help in other areas of my business so that I can be present and focused on the things that my family and business need me for. If creating social media content isn’t one of those things that NEEDS you, then I would absolutely LOVE to work with you and help you take that off your plate.

Hi!Β My name is Brittany,

and I love empowering other small businesses and entrepreneurs to take back their time.

I love the feeling of getting the ‘yes, this is perfect and exactly what my business needs right now’, and most of all, I love spending time with my family while giving my clients the opportunity to do the same.

I live and work in beautiful Port Coquitlam, B.C. Canada and I am the mother of 4 of the most perfect little humans ever. I believe that you CAN run a successful business and be a mom, and my dream clients are other mamas doing the same. I am married to one hunk of a firefighter who helps out behind the scenes (or in other words, wrangles the kids and entertains them on his off days while I work) so that I can run this agency that has been my ‘fifth baby’ for 8 years now.

I’d love to get to know you and what you’re all about too!