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A step-by-step plan to create amazing content in a fraction of the time, AND daily action steps to stay on top of your social media marketing so it doesn’t derail your entire day.

It’s certainly been quite the year (coming up on two!) for small businesses around the world, and there’s no denying that social media marketing has played a huge part in the success and even failure of businesses, large and small. While many businesses took to experts to help them leverage social media marketing (specifically content marketing), as the landscape of commerce changed, many others were forced into a completely new type of marketing that they had never explored before.

DIY Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Ok, so it’s all a little dramatic, but you get the idea. The businesses with larger marketing budgets easily and quickly hired in-house marketing help or social media managers, and others hired agencies (like us) to help them create and manage social media content. But what about the rest of BC small businesses? Where did they turn?

Some were fortunate enough to get the BC Small Business Recovery Grant, and others received the grant – both of which can be used for digital marketing and creating digital storefronts. But the vast majority of small business owners were left in the dark, trying to navigate the murky waters of ‘social media content marketing’.

The truth is, social media content marketing isn’t actually all that complicated, and anyone who tells you it is (spoiler alert), is likely trying to sell you something.

I’m going to break down the basics of social media content marketing for small business, and give you the best tools and tricks to save the most amount of time, and money!

There are 5 main elements to a strong social media content marketing strategy.

They are:

  1. An editorial calendar complete with proper content buckets (you can download a week of free sample content from my website which includes an editorial calendar template here)
  2. A social media content document
  3. Image and media templates
  4. A simple and effective content scheduling tool, and
  5. A daily checklist to keep you sane and on top of things

I’ll break each one of these elements down in a little more detail and give you some examples and places to download templates to save you some time!

Read the full article on Small Business BC here:


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September 28, 2021

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