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Values and Entrepreneurship Makes the Company Unique – Says Brittany Hardy, Owner of ‘Empty Desk Solutions’

Values and Entrepreneurship Makes the Company Unique – Says Brittany Hardy, Owner of ‘Empty Desk Solutions’

Empty Desk Solutions incepted in 2014 is based in Port Moody. The professionals at EDS creates quality-rich custom content for advertisements, blogs, and varied social media channels to make the clients’ business unique. GoodFirms team received an opportunity to interview Brittany Hardy, the CEO of Empty Desk Solutions. During the interview, Brittany proudly mentions the company, her role, and also the other parameters of the company.

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Starting with the interview, Brittany proudly quotes – “I own EDS, a small social media marketing agency. Since its beginning, the company has helped more than 150 businesses with their social media marketing and various other digital marketing strategies.” Further, when asked about how the company stands uniquely from others, Brittany cites that professionals at EDS are filling a void that currently exists in the small business marketing space. She also mentions, “We are also acting on an exhilarating course for small businesses and nonprofits where they will be able to learn our content marketing processes to be able to manage their social media marketing; we can’t wait for its launch this fall.”

Brittany happily mentions the services catered to the clients by the professionals at EDS. She starts by saying – “Our primary offering is our social media all-inclusive marketing plan that mostly takes the place of a mini-marketing team.” The experienced digital marketers maintain the integrity of clients’ brands by lessening the perceptibility of the negatives and highlight the positive data on Google with the help of social media and other digital sites. Moreover, proficient digital marketers are well-versed in performing various approaches to exhibit the different business brands rank in the google search engines. 

Since its origin, the team of digital marketers has helped patrons of different arenas and geographies with notable results. Through thorough knowledge and a different way, the organization affirms that the online shops of the habitues get noticeable at the top position in the SERPs for the most popular keywords. With such intense knowledge, EDS gets dubbed amongst the top digital marketing agencies in Vancouver at GoodFirms. 

The below-mentioned review is proof of the versatility and knowledge of digital marketers at EDS.

Goodfirms Review

Apart from digital marketing services, the in-house team at EDS also caters to the clients with web development services. The unit understands the requirements of the business owner and matches them with solutions that would align the businesses’ website with what they want to convey to the world. The team at EDS practices in WordPress and Wix websites for North American small scale businesses. The unit designs sites that are elegant, easy to use, and are search engine optimized along with mobile responsiveness. Thus, backed by a team of expert web developers, the unit would soon burgeon amongst the top web developers in Canada at GoodFirms.

The displayed review is proof of the quality websites curated by EDS.

Empty Desk Solutions Goodfirms Review

Having read the brief information about EDS, one can also get an idea about its minute details by having a glance at the interview published at GoodFirms.

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November 27, 2019

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