Well hello and good morning!

I know I’ve sent more emails this week than I typically do, but I was just so excited, and I couldn’t help myself because I wanted to share my founding members launch for Confident with Content™ the Community. What a whirlwind the last couple of days have been! 

I wanted to send out a sincere thank you to everyone that signed up as a founding member to lock in their special pricing – your support is incredibly motivating to keep me going in this crazy business and it means the world to me.

If you joined me as a founding member, stay tuned for the zoom welcome party details coming your way next week!

My email today is more than a thank you though, I want to share a little “behind the scenes“ of what I of what actually happens when you launch something like this, and how you can learn even from the people that click and do not buy in those inevitable unsubscribes from your email list.

If you send emails and never have a single unsubscribe, or you simply don’t care when people exit your list, then you can close this email for the day because you don’t need me LOL. But if you are anything like me, and those unsubscribes play tricks on your mind, or you want to know what to do when this happens, then I’ll share a story with you.

I work for hours on end each week to create new resources, training materials, and tips and tricks articles to help people looking for social media marketing help. This is part of my bigger content creation strategy to turn people consuming my content into email list subscribers. If I put out content all day long without figuring out how to get people on a list so I could eventually sell something to them, it would be rather pointless 😉

After the free resource is created, I then load it up to social media and my website as a free ‘opt-in’ so that people subscribe to my email list. (This is sometimes called a ‘lead magnet’ or ‘content freebie’ or ‘gated asset’ – this just means, you have to put in your email to get the actual ‘whatever it is’ that someone is promoting).

The actual freebie creation piece and putting all of the tech pieces together is the easy part. Keeping people engaged and opening your emails is a whole other ballgame. In other words, growing vs. maintaining an email list are two separate pieces of a strategy.

Sometimes you get people that opt in for your materials that become  customers for life. But are they actually ‘customers’ as in… paying clients? Or are the just content consumers?

The content consumers are the ones that will eat up whatever you send, but will never buy from you, at least in the short term. Do not discredit those people on your list though! Those are the people that will stick around, and when they truly need you or are ready to buy, you will be the ONLY person they think of because there you are, showing up in their email inbox consistently, week after week.

These are the people that open your emails no matter what the subject line is, and they read until the very end because they care about you and what you have to say. So regardless whether the content consumers are buying right now or buying later, they are an incredible resource and bring huge value to your business.

But what happens when you finally have something to promote? It might be a new service, sale, or product. Will those consumers just unsubscribe? Well… you actually don’t know until you hit the send button, but in my experience as soon as you shift gears to promotion mode, you will inevitably lose contacts on your list, every…. single… time.

Should you care?

I guess that depends too! 

Spoiler alert: the content consumers that unsubscribe as soon as you send one offer their way, just aren’t your people! Plain and simple.

It could be that what they opted in for originally did the trick and they need nothing more from you (sheesh it’s hard to not feel used it’s it?!), or it could be that what you’re promoting is slightly out of alignment from what they need at the time (for example if they opted in for a content creation guide but then all of a sudden they were getting email promotions for buying a car from someone I know). It would make zero sense and I would see a big drop off in subscribes. That example is to the extreme, but you get the idea. And I see this almost every day where people are sending things out that just don’t quite hit the mark when it comes to alignment of what someone intended on learning vs. what you’re actually selling or providing. 

Its really hard not to take it personally when you see unsubscribe after unsubscribe rolling in, but this my friend is actually an opportunity in disguise!

If you are using an email program that shows you who unsubscribes and when (most should show you this), then you can try to reach out to those people to ask questions on what might have prompted them to opt out. Did they feel you promoted too much? Or maybe you actually NEVER promoted a service until then so they were trained to think you just gave free stuff away every dang day lol! They might even give you some secret clues as to what you could have created that would have solved a need for them that you never even thought of.

Over the years I’ve learned A LOT from those very people that unsubscribed from my list and it’s allowed me to shape future email messages, products, and promotions. These people actually play a part in the direction of the business (sometimes it’s even learning what NOT to promote so that you don’t get certain types of people on your list in the first place).

The sooner you can get over the hurt feelings that are associated with that unsubscribe (or multiple unsubscribes ah!), the sooner you can focus on really digging in to create programs, products, and services that the ‘good content consumers’ will devour. Your peeps need you!

So why am I telling you this anyway?

I was driving my daughter to school this morning and on the way home I was thinking about how fortunate I am to have created this business and that my new Confident with Content™ the Community that has been so well received. But even with these happy thoughts, those negative ‘I’m not good enough because people are opting out’ popped into my mind. So I’m here to remind you that we are all human, and you absolutely do not need to compare your business journey to someone else’s, because we are all unique and special. Your people are out there, and they will love you for you, so keep going 🙂

So, until next week – cheers to you wherever you may be on your journey, and I thank you for inviting me into your email inbox, I don’t take it lightly 🙂