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Phew – that way WAAAAAAAAY more emails that I ever send and to be honest, I’m both happy and sad the doors are now closed until later this year for

If you’ve ever promoted a big thing in a big way, then you know it is big-time scary! Especially when you’re emailing your list and seeing those unsubscribes roll in when you send the emails that are asking for a commitment or sale. OUCH!

This is a good thing though! Think of it as cleaning up your list. Would you rather have a massive list of unengaged peeps or a smaller list of people that care about you, your product, and your service and might actually buy something from you?

Today I’m here to thank you for sticking around, and I’m here to encourage you to just get out there and promote the thing that you’ve worked so hard on! You can’t let the fear of “what if they don’t like it” or “what if I make everyone mad with my sales emails” creep in. Because the only person you’re doing a disservice to is you!

What is the point of working your butt off to grow an email list and spend countless hours creating content and resources if no one wants to buy from you in the end? Pretty much zero, so keep going!

The world needs you and your message

Don’t let anyone dim that light, and even if you’re just getting your feet wet with email marketing or digital marketing as a whole, continue to move forward one small step at a time. I am here for you if you ever want to use one of my 10 min ☕️ chats to ask me your marketing questions.

Thank you to everyone who signed up for this intake of  – I can’t wait to meet you all at our next workshop which is in Feb on “AI TOOL TAKEOVER & how you can use AI in your creative workflow to save hundreds of hours a year” 

If you didn’t make it into the club this time around, it’s ok! Doors will be open again later this year so stick around 😉

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