Top Ten Reasons Why You NEED a Social Media Content Marketing Strategy

As a business owner, you must be thinking of using social media marketing to boost the online presence of your brand.

With the number of social media users that has topped billions, social media has now become one of (if not THE) most powerful and influential space to do digital marketing activities.

Did you know that having a solid social media strategy is the foundation of all content marketing that you will do? It is basically the secret key to grow and thrive in this digital world.

Have you ever taken a moment to plan your content for the week? For the month? Or even for the whole year? 

How satisfying would it be to have a content and marketing strategy that was aligned to your business objectives? Would this help you get to that next level?

Here are the top ten reasons why your business needs a social media marketing content strategy;

  1. You Can Build Your Brand

In order to gain followers and finally sell your service (or product), you must have an established brand first (you have to create trust before someone will buy from you). Social media contents helps you create your brand’s unique personality. You can build your brand by posting relevant content and graphics that support and correlate to your brand image and voice.

  1. It Helps You Target Your Audience

Social media allows you to identify the people who can see and engage with your content. Identifying your audience allows your business to focus on the group of people who are likely going to buy.

  1. It Establishes You As An Authority 

Sometimes over the top ‘salesy’ content can result in unfollows (that’s certainly not the goal!). Creating a post that talks about the topics that align with your business reassures people that you know what you are doing. It is the key to building the trust with your audience, and the more value you provide to them the better. You want them to think of you and only you when they are ready to purchase whatever service it is that you offer. If you’ve been the one delivering value time and time again, you will be seen as the trusted authority.

  1. It Brings You Closer To Your Audience

Having an online presence on social media is a great way to engage with your audience. They can get to know you and you also get the chance to understand the need and the trends that they are following. One strategy is including audience engagement elements like Polls or Ask Me Anything updates so that you can provide value to help them solve their pain points. (I can’t stand the term ‘pain points’ in marketing in general, it makes me think of the negative… but you have to understand where someone is coming from and what they need in order to be the solutions and solve the problem for them). 

  1. It Allows You to Tell Your Story

Social Media gives you the chance to share your brand’s mission and stories. Effective stories can catch the attention of people, stories sell! Some might be curious on how you built up your business and made it to what it is today. Let your customers get to know you, and relate to your stories on a more personal level. Customers love to see the reality of business and the juicy behind the scenes details that makes it relatable.

  1. You Can Grow Your Audience Without Spending Too Much

Your social media content strategy can save you a bunch of dollars in marketing. You don’t have to rely on advertisements to promote your brand and widen your audience reach. You can grow your pages/profiles and gain an audience by consistently posting interesting content that your audience finds useful and entertaining. Showing yourself, engaging and interacting with your audience is crucial for success.

  1. You Can Get A Chance To Analyze Your Competitors

Competition in business never really goes away, even in the digital world we live in now. With all the business pages that are available online, this can be your chance to analyze your competitors online presence. You can see n how well they are doing with their pages, what are their weaknesses or what kinds of posts work well for them. After your analysis, you can incorporate the things that you think can help your business do better to serve your audience. Side note: I actually NEVER analyze my competition. I focus on my own business and how I can consistently improve my own service and courses. I don’t really care much about what others are doing in my space, but I had to include this nonetheless because it’s a point most people will choose to point out if I didn’t include it 😉

  1. You Can Promote Your Products or Services

Promoting your business (visibility) is the main reason in creating your social media pages and content, but some people don’t like it when you start pitching. So how can you actually promote your business without being salesy? That’s why you need to have a content plan and strategy. You have to understand their pain points, educate them, show them the value and benefits. Demonstrate that you understand their struggles and you can provide relevant solutions to their problems. Remember not to be too pushy – it’s ALWAYS a turn off. You want your content to be so valuable and educational (maybe even entertaining) that people will naturally gravitate to contacting you when they are ready to buy.

  1. You Can Get Direct Referrals To Your Website

By following your social media content plan and marketing strategy, you can build authority and gain the trust of your audience. Your social media profile is a great asset to increase brand awareness. A good and reputable social media profile can drive a good amount of traffic to your website. Basically, you use your content to build trust and educate first, then when someone wants to learn more or book a call, or buy a product, they click through to your website. 

Pro-tip: make sure your website is optimized with some kind of lead magnet or opt-in to collect email addresses and grow your email list so you don’t waste that valuable website traffic!

  1. You Can Keep Your Customers Up To Date

Let’s not deny it, social media is the fastest and easiest way to keep your customers updated with the new trends and new products. You can also incorporate to your content plan the upcoming events and announcements that you have to make. It’s the ultimate communication tool! Beware: social media profiles and pages can quickly morph in to customer support channels so make sure you have someone who can reply as quickly as possible if a situation arises.

With all of the reasons mentioned above, before you begin posting content, you have to consider what your goals are. Posting content for the sake of posting content isn’t going to get you anywhere.  Keep in mind that starting a social media campaign without a solid social content media marketing strategy is like wandering in a forest, you could get lost anytime. Although truth be told some days I’d rather be wandering in a forest haha! 

If you want to create the base for your social media content strategy, here’s a free guide I have put together for you:


How to plan one month of social media content in 10 minutes (or less)

A step-by step quick system you can use and reuse every single month to map out your content in record time.