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    Happy Monday!

    Hope you had an amazing weekend! I took most of the weekend to myself with the family with the exception of checking in on emails here and there – it felt really nice! I think it’s going to be a normal thing, no more weekends working! Do you take weekends off?

    On my email marketing plan for this month, I had 4 topics that related to social media mental health for small business owners and topic number one was about content batching so you can be on social media less, but there are some pretty big trends happening right now so I am sharing my ‘unpopular opinion’ about reels and short-form video content (ok so it’s a bit of a rant, but stay with me), and then I’ll share some tips for what you can do about it…

    In summary:

    • Reels and short-form video are not going away
    • I don’t like it because I feel like it forces small business owners and entrepreneurs to be on social media even more than they already are, and it’s making them feel as if they have to be entertainers. We are small business owners that are good at running our businesses, we didn’t sign up to entertain to create visibility
    • As much as we might dislike it, it’s here to stay so it’s time to adapt
    • There are still ideas of reels and short-form video you can create that don’t have to take a ton of time or crazy outfit changes and dancing 🤣

    Here’s my plan of attack for the next month:

    1. My regular scheduled content (personal brand edition of Confident with Content™ the Community) goes out as planned. It’s already done so no change there!
    2. Create one reel/week that relates to the theme of my weekly email (like this: )
    3. Layer in a second reel that’s either a collab reel with my podcast guest for the week OR a weekly recap of what happened in my biz uploaded as a reel. One will happen Monday and the other will happen Friday.

    For Confident with Content™ the Community members, I am working on adding 4 reels templates and ideas for you so that you can add one reel a week to your content plan with ease – the idea is saving you time and energy, so it’s not going to be complex reels with crazy transitions and expert level editing 🎥🤯

    Until next time,

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