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Good morning and Happy Monday! 

Aside from the whole entire week of forecasted rain (I hate gloomy days!), I feel like this week is going to bring some good energy. And I need it!

I feel like I’ve been put through the wringer in the last few weeks with roadblock after roadblock and the stomach bug from H-E-🏒🏒 going through my son and youngest daughter… I needed a break!

Sometimes the universe forces you to step back and take care of yourself (and family of course), and reassess what you should be doing with your time. 

Last week we welcomed two new clients to our Social Star package which is super exciting as always, and I realized that my new systems were so long overdue. (Thanks Alysha Spencer for the kick in the butt to set up 17hats for my business!). 

These onboarding systems took me a while to set up, but automated about 90% of the emails and back and forth that I typically do when setting up new accounts, it’s a savings of anywhere from 2-10 hours PER CLIENT in this setup phase. Wow! Now we can focus instead on creating awesome social media content for our new clients rather than back and forth housekeeping-type emails. Win!

So why am I telling you this?

Because you don’t have to wait until you feel completely burned out to look at your systems and see what could be better or improved to make your life better. 

Because these systems were in place, I was able to take care of the fam when they weren’t well, and I was able to spend the afternoons this weekend in the garden (my happy place)! Also, note to self: don’t let Huxley pick ‘all the plants’ unless I’m prepared to spend $350 every single time 🤣.

Being able to take some time to myself this weekend (because my systems are working so well!) meant I could reconnect with how I actually want to spend my free time. 

Do you ever feel tired of thinking only about your business 24/7?

My business isn’t my lifestyle, it just supports it 😘

Sometimes we have to go back to our why and think about why we started our businesses in the first place. Was it to spend more time with the family? Then my goodness do that! Was it to be able to invest more money for your future? Cool! Invest away and then take a dang break!

Anyways, I know this one was a little off-topic for marketing tips which is what you’re used to getting from me, but I wanted to share this with you in case you are right there with me trying to figure out how to refocus, realign, and get motivated again!

What is your go-to trick when you feel like you need to check back in with yourself?

PS – If you want to see how your social media can become more automated for you ( so that you can focus on yourself!) I’d love to chat on one of my free coffee chats on zoom! You can book it at

Until next week – Cheers!

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