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Good morning (or afternoon depending on when you are reading this message).

Last week I was really struggling with some technical issues in my business and it forced me to take a really hard look at what tools I was using for my business, what their purposes are, and if I REALLY need all of them. 

Was I actually using all of these tools that were meant to make my business ‘easier’? Or was I actually just overcomplicating things in the name of ‘technology’?

It’s actually a little bit of both, not only am I wasting money on some of these tools that I am not using, I am wasting precious mental space thinking of too many things at once!

Let’s analyze your tech stack! And if you’re scratching your head like ‘Brittany what on earth is a tech stack?”, it’s just a fancy way of saying “all the tools/technology you use to run your business”.

Today I have a simple challenge for you.

List out all of the tools you use in your business, then find their monthly or yearly cost. Once you have all of the totals, take a really hard look at each one and see if you:

  • a. need it (it either helps you facilitate your business, or it helps you learn and grow and without it you could not move forward)
  • b. if another tool you have can do that purpose instead, and if it can – cancel it!
  • c. is it the BEST tool to accomplish the job you need?

Now before you go and change a bunch of tools though, I urge you to not get stuck in what I call the ‘tech analysis trap’. 

Simply put, this trap is where you go around and around in circles researching or trying new tools so much that it actually holds you up from getting any of your real work done! This is a procrastinators dream, and let me tell you, I’ve spent more time than I care to admit here LOL

One last thing, the best tip I can give you, is that the best system for you, is the system that you USE. Just because someone else says a certain tool is magic for their business doesn’t mean it is right for you if you’re not going to leverage it to it’s full potential. 

For example, maybe you’ve heard of a really kick-butt social media scheduling tool that saves someone hours each week (for me, that’s sendible! – This is the program I use to schedule my social media content to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook Groups, and Instagram!). But many businesses only need to post to Facebook and Instagram so why would you need a tool that posts everywhere when you can use to schedule your content for free?

I have created a super simple spreadsheet for you in google sheets to help you track your spending for tech tools and get a quick total of money you’re spending. If you would like a copy to use for yourself, please check out the members area, you will find it there 🙂

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Tech Stack Analysis What Do You Actually Need To Operate Your Business

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Until next time,