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I’ve been thinking A LOT about my social media packages for my clients, and it’s time for a change… a big one!

For almost 10 years I’ve been offering content-only packages that were customized to each entrepreneur and small business based on what they tell me their needs are. I matched the package to their budget and away we went.

For the clients that just wanted visibility and credibility when referral sources or customers went to look them up, the packages were a total win. For the people that had email newsletters included, it was a double win because they made solid connections and sales every time an email is sent out.

But what about the businesses that wanted to GROW their accounts and engage their followers? 

I’m not talking about ‘engagement’ in terms of a like on a post or a comment. Because let me ask you… what does that ACTUALLY do for your business? Unless they are sending you a message to ask to buy something (does that happen?), the answer is pretty much nothing. Sorry!

Here’s what you need to do to make your social media a smashing success:

  1. Post consistently (this can be once a week or once a day. The goal is to create a schedule that works for you, and stick to that).
  2. Follow others in your audience so you are visible to them! 
  3. Comment and like content from the people that are in your target audience (because engagement is a two way street!)
  4. Send a welcome message to every single follower thanking them for following you and invite them to continue a conversation with you or join your email list.
  5. Have a freebie/lead magnet (something of value) to offer your social media followers in exchange for that email address (just like my free content calendar probably got you onto this list). 
  6. Share stories almost as often (if not more) than you share posts to your feed(s).
  7. Post video content (like reels and tiktok videos) to keep up with what kind of content your audience is hungry for.
  8. Take an objective look once a month at what is working so that you can do more of that and less of the other stuff.

If you’re reading all of this thinking “There’s literally no way I can do all of that on my own”, then you get to make a choice.

Choice 1: Continue to do what you’re doing and make small adjustments towards some of the points above to get you closer to where you want to be.

Choice 2: Find someone to help you. If you’ve got a handle on some of the items and need to outsource only a few things, you do NOT have to hire an agency (like us) to help you do everything. You can get away with hiring a virtual assistant or a junior marketing assistant to help you out. 


Choice 3: Hand all of it over to an agency who specializes in social media marketing (*hint hint haha). CLICK HERE if you want information on the new and improved ‘Social Star’ package. Currently this package is by application only. We can only take 2-3 new clients on this every month due to the 1:1 nature of how we work together. If you want to know what’s included and how to apply, please click here or reply to this email.

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