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Happy Monday! I hope you had an amazing weekend and are all geared up for another productive week. If you still have kids on Spring Break like me, then… I wish you luck 🤣

I’ve been doing a LOT of work over here on not just the usual social media marketing and website we help clients with, but my new Mom Biz Cafe Virtual Coffee Shop and YouTube coworking videos and I’m really excited to share some news with you. But before I tell you a bit about the cafe, I want to share the story around my new Social Media VIP Days, because… I’ve had a lot of requests for this over the years and I’m finally showing up for you to make it happen.

I’ve always offered 1:1 monthly packages for entrepreneurs and small businesses (for social media content marketing) because most of the people I connect with are stressed out with social media and just want someone to create all of their content and post it for them. They want to be as hands-off as possible.

But over the years, content marketing has changed. We’ve gone from a world where we could post a few times a week and grow our audience to a world where we have to really decide on what our social media goals are, and set forward with a strategy to accomplish those.

For example, if you want to be positioned as an industry expert, then you might create 5 educational posts a week.

Or you might want to be creating a community and you’re more focused on ‘reach’ of your content, then you might be all-in on Instagram reels or TikTok videos. 

Or maybe you’re building your email list so you’re creating educational content and paid advertising to drive traffic to a freebie list building ‘lead magnet’ (like the social media content roadmap that you might have downloaded to get on to this weekly marketing tips email newsletter). 

But the truth is…

There is no one size fits all strategy when it comes to social media content marketing.

So what can you do as a business owner to get ahead of the game and stop feeling so stressed out about creating content all the time?

Have someone help you develop a strategy that’s tailored to your business and goals, and then figure out which pieces are easy for you to accomplish, and GET HELP on the rest. 

My social media VIP Days are my answer to those needing to get that help, without the fear of committing to a monthly ongoing package. And let’s be real here, spending money every month on social media marketing help MIGHT be in the best interest of your business (as is the case for many of my clients), but that doesn’t mean it’s the right move for everyone. 

When you sign up and pay for a VIP day, you get the peace of mind knowing that at the end of our 4 hours together, you’re going to have THREE MONTHS of social media content written, designed (yep we design the images together!), and published (scheduled).

Wouldn’t that be the best feeling ever?

…Then you’re free to do whatever you want with your social and break the cycle of content overwhelm. 

  • Want to create reels in that spare time? Go for it!
  • Want to spend time engaging with followers instead? You can now do that!
  • Want to just not look at social at all and know your content is done? Sure thing!

If you want to snag a spot before they are gone, here is the direct link to book one:

Prefer to co-work for free instead? 

Join me inside of the new ‘Moms Morning Club’ Facebook group – CLICK HERE to join. If you’re not a mom but you’re looking to create a morning routine and get stuff done before your crazy day starts, you’re still welcome to join!

Or if you just need a little quiet working time to yourself with a video that will help you focus, I have a new ‘Mom Biz Cafe Virtual Coffee Shop’ video up on YouTube. This time we had an artist design what the coffee shop would actually look like, complete with hot pink booths, leopard print throw blankets, and of course the West Coast rain in the background 😆

There’s a 30-minute timer on the video, so the intention is you decide what important task you will do within 30 minutes, start playing the video, and take a break when it’s over. It’s amazing how much you can get done in just half an hour if you stay focused.

Until next week – Cheers!

PS: Did you know that I offer free 10-minute coffee chats on zoom, you’re welcome to book one to brainstorm with me or see if my content membership is the right fit for you. Grab your spot here:

PPS: If you want to join me in the morning on zoom to chat and co-work, here’s the MomBizCafe link to sign up: