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Sometimes the universe gives you πŸ‹… but sometimes those lemons are a massive gift in disguise.

Today I want to get real with you and share a little story about a client breaking up with me πŸ’”.

But here’s the thing, it was one of my fav working experiences to date because she was actually one of my ideal clients and I learned A LOT from her (and her from me) so even the email she sent to let me know she’s on her way to using her content in another way felt like the universe had it all lined up in some weird way.

Also – she’s on this email list, so if you’re reading this, I still ❀️ you lol!

When things happen to you (or for you as I like to think) you always have a choice, and that choice is always ‘how will you react’? Because you cannot control what happens, you can only control your reaction. At least, that’s what I tell my kids all the time (they despise my positive spin all the time haha!). 

I used to be in a few social media marketer groups online where things like this would pop up…

People would post “My client said they don’t want to work with me anymore, I’m not giving them any of their materials!”, or “Client xyz was a total nightmare, I’m taking their website down unless they pay me $xx,xxx”.

Honestly, it kind of made me sick that so many people in the marketing space are both unkind and totally shortsighted.

Loving someone out the door is almost the single best thing you can do for your business and here’s why:

  1. If you (cliche I know) burn that bridge, it’s gone. Referrals? Say goodbye…
  2. If you show them the love even if they weren’t a fit for you, you’ll probably bypass the negative reviews online (those are never fun to navigate).
  3. They are your best people to connect with to survey and ask them where things went sideways or what could be improved (keep in mind only do this if they are your ideal client. If they aren’t, then technically you don’t want their opinion).
  4. It might shine light on where you need to pivot in your business. They are sometimes illuminating a new path for you.
  5. They help you grow as a business owner and as a person.

Whenever we part ways with a client (whether initiated by the client or by my team), we put together a package for them of their marketing materials (all tidied up in a google drive folder to download), we send them a thank you email with a video from me, and we usually send a gift card of sorts as thanks for working with us. The only exception would be no gift card if they were total jerks 🀣.

Earlier today I was actually thinking of this particular client and journaling about where I want to take my business and I wrote down “Should I get rid of the social media VIP days?”…

It’s no surprise that the universe was like: “Oh heyyyyy… would you like your answer on a silver platter?”

Anyways, this week I encourage you to take a look into the more difficult areas of your business to see what light they just might be shining for you.

Oh and my lovely client who I am writing about, check your inbox for your video and gift shortly hehe.

Until next time,

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