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Hi! Good morning!

When was the last time you put out a service or product to the world… one you were super excited about, and one that you just KNEW would sell like 🥞, but you were instead met with…

That’s been me the last few weeks since launching my Social Media VIP days, and I wanted to share this with you because there’s always a reason (or reasons) that people don’t buy. Maybe they just aren’t ready, maybe they aren’t the right fit, or maybe part of your marketing or sales cycle is totally broken!

Whatever the reason is, there’s a way to fix it, and I’m here to tell you: Do Not Give Up!

Did you know: It’s on average 7 touchpoints before someone considers purchasing a product or service? (I actually thought it was 11, I don’t know where I had that stat from, but my google searching today tells me it’s 7, so we’re going with that).

So what does this mean?

Well, for me, it means that my thought of pulling the plug on my Social Media VIP Days because no one committed after the first email I sent about it is totally insane. Why on earth did I think the service must not be good if no one bought it right away?

Marketing is always kind of this trial and error thing (I know, that’s probably not what you wanted to hear), but you need to dig into each piece to see what’s working or not working and optimize as you go. 

For example: Does your service have a unique sales page? Are you generating organic or paid traffic? Is your sales page converting to booked calls or email subscribers? Are your social media channels optimized to collect leads? There are so many pieces!

Here’s what mine looks like:

  1. Do I have a proper sales page? VIP website page – I realized right away this needs its own sales page that speaks to the unique challenges and transformation people get when they go through one of my VIP days
  2. Do I have a way to send traffic to this page? I need to get more traffic to this page! I’ll use Facebook ads once the sales page is done. Pro-tip: if you send traffic to a page that’s not convincing enough, you’re wasting money
  3. Do I have a way to grow my email list? I need a lead magnet to grow my email list for people who aren’t ready to buy (Check! That’s where my content calendar comes in, and is why most of the people on my email list are here today)
  4. Am I talking about it enough? Nope! I need to have a call-to-action in more of my social posts to check out the website to learn more or message me to book a free coffee chat to learn more

Today I challenge you to ask yourself these 4 questions about your product or service and see where your own breakdown might be… looks like I have a few and lots of work cut out for me this week!

If you want to chat about your service of offer and just get some ideas, I’d love to chat on one of my free coffee chats on zoom! You can book it at

Until next week – Cheers!

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