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    Hi – is it just me, or has the world gone mad in the last little while?

    Or… the last couple of years… but something is weird in the energy in the air right now.

    Last week I had a close call with a new business partner (or so I thought 不), so this week, the story is here for your entertainment… and the moral of the story in case you don’t want to read the whole thing, is that there’s usually a reason someone isn’t responding or communicating the way you think they should. Reach out, offer a bit of support, and see what’s going on, you just might be surprised what comes up on the other end

    I’ve taken the story my friend Jen has written for her email list and re-worded it from my perspective for your reading pleasure today 云

    Jen’s story:

    Two weeks ago, Brittany and I launched the Plan that Social Membership. During the week leading up to it, we were in constant communication, but once the launch was over, I didnt hear from her for almost two weeks what happened? 

    I sent a few text messages, and didnt hear back right away, but didnt think much of it. We had a few emails cross paths and things were still moving on various projects. 

    Then I sent a few more messages, no response, and a few more days went by.

    Finally, I called Brittany, and no luck either. At this point it had been well over a week since we had directly connected. 

    Now, if youre like my husband (an engineer by trade and very rationally minded) you might think, Hmm, thats odd, there must be a reasonable explanation for the lack of communication. 

    This, however, is what was bouncing around frantically in my mind:

    OMG, something has happened! Brittany no longer wants to do the membership with me. Am I a horrible person? Did I say something or do something? Why does the universe hate me? 

    Cue the major panic attack. 

    I wrote Brittany one more text message to reach out again, and noted that it was odd I hadnt been able to reach her all week and I hoped everything was ok. 

    She emailed me back and asked me to call her right away. 

    Brittany picked up and was shocked to hear that I hadnt been receiving any of her text messages. She sent over a screenshot of her responses to all of my messages that never went through. And on her end, it looked like I had been avoiding her this whole time.

    What the heck had happened? It turned out that at some point while I was away, I must have left my phone out and one of my kids or a pocket dial ended and up BLOCKING Brittany from my phone! 

    Needless to say, we had a pretty good laugh about how we both went into panic mode about the mixed-up communication. 

    It was a very good life lesson for me not to jump to the worst conclusions about things, and look for a reasonable explanation first. 

    Britt’s story:

    So while all of this was going on, I was sending text message after text message in response to Jen’s messages to me throughout the last 10+ days thinking:

    “Hmm, that’s weird, she’s not replying and usually it says ‘delivered’ or ‘Jens got focus mode turned on’. But this time… crickets!

    I kept trying to call, but it was going straight to voicemail which made me think:

    ‘Oh my goodness, I must have been texting her too much about our new membership while she was away. She must be upset with me and maybe doesn’t want to talk. She’s snoozing my calls’

    Full-on panic ensues, like heart racing, sweating, don’t know what to do panic when I get a message from her where she says that she doesn’t know why she hasn’t heard from me and she can take things on herself for now if I’m too busy’

    I instantly thought “Oh my gosh, the new membership is toast, she wants to pursue this on her own”.

    After we got off a phone call when she was able to call me (remember I couldn’t call her 云), I sent her a few messages with screenshots to things she could try to adjust on her phone to reset her imessage… still no luck.

    Then I sent one final screenshot with an image of the iphone contact card and said, ‘ok, open up my contact and see if it says BLOCK or UNBLOCK’.

    I’ll let you guess what comes next…

    Her kids had her phone while she was away and they accidentally blocked me HAHA

    So all this time, we were messaging each other, I was getting her messages and I was replying, but because she had me blocked she never got anything I sent back in return.

    When I got the text ‘丹儭 omg I blocked you’, I’m not going to lie, I started laughing out loud. I haven’t laughed like that in a long time! It was so funny to me that we were both in a total frenzy all over the silliest little glitch.

    Anyways, that’s it for today, no sales pitch, no marketing to-do item for you, just a funny story that I hope makes your Monday feel a little less Monday-ish.

    And next time you have that thing that feels like the world is falling apart, take a step back and get curious about what might be happening behind the scenes or what the universe might be trying to tell you

    Until next week – Cheers!

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