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    Where the heck does social media fit into my sales funnel?!

    How does social media fit into your sales funnel? This is something we get asked a lot, especially from people in the stage of deciding if content marketing is right for them, so… Where the heck does social media fit into my sales funnel?

    A traditional sales funnel has awareness at the top, which leads to interest, to evaluation, to the decision to purchase, which is hopefully you or your product at the bottom unless you lose them somewhere in the pipeline. In its simplest form, this is what it should look like.

    There’s a big misconception that it only fits at the top where you create awareness, which is done with your posts and your advertisements, but it also lives in these other sections as you move down your sales funnels. So, if you look at the top part these are your posts and your ads, it could also be your blog posts and existing email subscribers, any other print or digital advertising like Google Adwords or SEO, you name it, this all fits into the top part of the funnel. As you move people down, you’re gonna see social media pop up again when someone has expressed interest and gave you their contact information, and you gave them a freebie for that, or sign up for your newsletter. Now you know they’re aware of you and have taken some type of action to show that. 

    In the next stage, where they’re evaluating you and potentially your competitors, this is where your social media is still very powerful because most people aren’t going to buy from you right away whether you’re selling a service or a product, so you have to stay top of mind and nurture those contacts. So how do you stay top of mind? You share value, post frequently, the more branded the better. You also need to consider what your ongoing communication strategy is because there’s a lot of people that try to post social content and website purchase and when there’s a disconnect, they want to give up on social media. They’re probably just missing a step because it’s just trial and error and testing different things to find out what works for you. Create awareness, get an email list, maybe start a Facebook page to get them engaged. Make sure when they’re in the evaluation stage, that you’re keeping in touch with them. That’s where an email marketing or communication strategy comes in. Even in the decision stage, what happens if you suddenly stop your social or slack off? Maybe they were evaluating you and you were coming up ahead of your competition and they were ready to buy, if they go to your social platforms to check you out again, you’ll look like you’re not active and you might be losing your sale. 

    Not only is social media at the top of the funnel, but it’s how you stay in touch with people and stay at the top of their minds throughout their buying journey. My question to you is are you jumping ship when you don’t see immediate results? We see this a lot, typically with startups with smaller budgets, and we understand these budget constraints and hope that people continue with their own content marketing until they see those results. 

    How can you engage more? You need to consider your communication strategy for ongoing communication to stay top of mind. Keep in mind that your social media is one tiny piece of that pie. You need some kind of awareness strategy and some kind of ongoing communication strategy.

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    Brittany Hardy

    Brittany Hardy ⎜ Owner

    Brittany Hardy is the Owner of Empty Desk Solutions, a boutique marketing company located in Port Moody B.C.
    Brittany is passionate about helping small businesses achieve their growth goals with marketing solutions that are both effective and affordable.
    After many years of working in retail management, Brittany went on to become the Marketing Manager for Dominion Lending, Canada’s largest mortgage company. Brittany then decided it was time to pursue a life-long goal of creating her own business.  Inherently, Brittany likes to help people and decided there was no better way to do this than to use her creative talent to lift up others who want to do the same thing.
    The mother of three young children, Brittany believes in balancing work and home life and continues to find new ways to support and employ other mothers who want to start their own businesses or stay at home with their children.
    Social media marketing continues to evolve, and Brittany and her team are passionate about helping small businesses navigate how they can benefit from these networks. Brittany has been a finalist for the Women of Worth awards, the Tri-Cities Business Excellence awards, and has most recently been featured in Small Business BC and the Huffington Post.

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