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This week we’re talking all about Instagram DM strategies!

Why? Well… simply put, because most people don’t have a strategy, and they often wonder why their ‘social media isn’t working’… it could be that you’re missing this one little piece!

I’m going to give you the overview of the 5 day series and the answer to the first question, you can read the whole series inside of the free members area here:

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Five-Day Series Overview:

1. Why you NEED a directing strategy and what you’re leaving on the table if you don’t make one

2. Do’s and Don’t’s of sliding into the dms

3. My top 5 templates (scripts) for welcome and sales messages

4. How to use direct messaging to grow your email list

5. How to get going and work this into your daily or weekly marketing routine

👉 Let’s start off today by talking about ‘Why you NEED a direct messaging strategy and what you’re leaving on the table if you don’t make one’ If you’ve ever said to yourself “I’m just so frustrated, I make all of this amazing content, but it never ‘converts'”, or “what is the point of this, I spend all this time on social media posting for my business, but I don’t get any website traffic, sales, or email subscribers”, then you’ve definitely fallen into what I call the ‘one-way social media trap’! 🪤 All relationships are a two-way street, and you simply can’t expect people to engage (like and comment and ultimately send you a message or buy something) if you’re not putting in equal effort to CREATE conversations. 🗣 Imagine you invited friends for coffee by posting “come have coffee with me, it’s so great at my place, the coffee is hot and the sofa is comfy”, and then you proceed to talk only one way with random statements without asking questions or allowing them to speak. Do you think they would come back for another visit? My guess is no 😜

I would love to see your comments on the post inside the community board for this topic and hear all about how you use (or don’t use) Instagram direct messaging for your business.

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