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Your mental health is worth more than social media burnout.

I’m feeling the social media burnout, and that’s scary to admit as a social media marketer!

Today I want to share with you a few tips on how to overcome this, and STILL look like a total pro while you’re taking that much needed break!

Last week I had the camping trip from hell (ok, it wasn’t that bad, but if you got my email last week you probably laughed along with the blunders, and actually a few of you replied you had a similar trip in the past haha!)… 

Even though it was like stress level 100 while we were there, I had a few sneaky things in my back pocket that helped me look like I was present when I was not:

  1. I had a few pieces of content scheduled (these don’t even have to be new posts, you can take a past post, steal the wording, and upload a new image, no one will know!) 
  2. I forgave myself for feeling like I had to be ‘on’ all the time. If you’re like me, you feel pressure to always be on, even when you don’t feel like that. The first step to releasing this is to just remind yourself that it’s OK to check out, because it is! It took me a day to feel ok with not having internet access and then I felt amazing! Until the trailer hit my vehicle, and then I was angry again.. But I digress 😝
  3. I have been working hard on my email list and strategy, and I knew that a full week of no social media didn’t matter in the long run because people are used to hearing from me via email AND I have a facebook ad that runs 24/7 with my free content calendar that brings people to this list, so I was still growing while I was away.
  4. My team! This one isn’t really social media related per se, but I am dropping this in as a thank you to them, because they are the reason I can continue to grow and spend time with family… I’m not a 1 woman show! My team and I all work remotely (with the exception of our ‘team days’ every 1-2 weeks when we work around my dining room table (let’s be real this is really an excuse for us to order sushi and gossip, but we call it work LOL)

Ok so back to the burnout and how to overcome it…

Once you’ve decided you don’t want to be in that space anymore then you’re ready to take the next step which is…

Planning your content in advance!

So much of our stress comes from feeling like we have to post everyday (you don’t!) or that you don’t know what is coming up in your business to talk about or what is even relevant.

This is where content planning comes in.

It doesn’t need to be fancy, you can even disregard your content ‘pillars’ and what the experts have told you to write about and just create some themes you can stick with. It’s all about creating consistency and a habit to plan and post on a schedule, because you get faster at it as you go and it will become almost second nature at some point.

Our clients (and entrepreneurs on consult calls) tell us they spend 5-10 hours a WEEK creating and posting social media content, that’s simply way too much time! I’d rather be doing almost anything than spending 10 hours a week creating content. That’s like 40 of my 15 minute workouts that I do on my lululemon mirror, or thousands of hugs from my kids, or time to bake with them, or 1-2 hours a day at a local beach or lake… the list goes on.

I plan my entire month of content in just 30 minutes on my monthly membership call (we just had our august planning call, go to to join the waitlist if this sounds like something for you, doors reopen in the fall for new members!), and let me tell you, it feels so amazing to have that clear path – stress relief level 100 unlocked!

Once the content ideas are mapped out, I mark off an hour in my calendar to create my actual content in a batch and then I schedule it using sendible. There are many other scheduling tools out there, this is just the one I’ve used for many years for my clients and it’s one of my favourites.

I’m going to let you in on my content themes for August to show you just how easy I’ve actually made it for myself. 

Here’s what I’m creating for my business’ social media posts:

  1. Mondays = 4x motivation quotes, animated canva text videos with stock music background so they can be reels scheduled. Total time investment: 20 min to create and schedule all 4.
  2. Tuesdays = 4x carousel post of my email content. I take about 30-60 minutes to write my emails each week (like this one!). This post is a version of the email I’ve already written with images in a carousel. Time investment: (1 hour/week)* This is the longest and most time consuming piece of content I create, but it’s the one with the most value because everyone on my email list will get it (I’m not fighting the social media algorithm powers that be praying for a small percentage of my audience to see it).
  3. Wednesday = 4x marketing tip – this is a recorded video of me sharing a marketing tip. Edited and scheduled to reels and other social networks. Total time investment: 1 hour for all 4.
  4. Thursday = free day. Post in the moment IF I WANT TO!
  5. Friday = 4x Friday funny (day in the life of a social media manager or mom in business etc or something relatable). Total time investment: 1 hour for all 4 posts.

My total time investment for the month is 6.3 hours and that’s WITH writing my long form emails like this one that get uploaded to my blog too (I’m the repurposing queen yall!). 

Comparing that to the average small business owner taking 10 hours/week I am saving 33.7 (approx.) hours a month – it’s kind of mind-blowing when you start batching this way.

Keep in mind your schedule might look totally different and that’s ok!

Even batching one or two of your theme days a month would free you up to create fun in the moment content when you feel inspired.

And if you don’t want to actually create the content pieces themselves, that’s a-ok with me too, just promise me you’ll make a basic plan and start to save your sanity – it’s worth it 🙂

Until next time,

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